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Intensive In-Home Counseling Services

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Hargrove, Oliver and Parker Enterprises, Inc’s Intensive In-Home Counseling Services provide therapeutic intervention,in the home and community, for youth and families identified as at risk of more restrictive interventions, that may result in removal of the youth from the home. HOPE Intensive In-Home Services provide immediate, challenge specific, home based interventions and monitors the youth and family 24 hours a day/7 days a week during crisis situations.

Our Bachelors and Masters level counselors assist the family with providing structured supervision for the youth. The average duration for these services is 3 to 6 months. Counselors focus on stabilizing crisis, identifying areas in need of attention, and helping to stabilize the entire family unit. HOPE aims to provide the least restrictive level of therapeutic inventions for the youth and family.

Specific Interventions provided by Intensive In -Home Counselors include the following:

  • Support, counseling, and guidance in coping with and addressing issues related to traumatic events and/or transitions;
  • Information, education, and guidance concerning issues of discipline, effective communication skills, problem-solving, anger management, child development, and positive social skills;
  • Individual and family counseling to examine core trauma issues, family relationships, roles and family dynamics, and how these issues impact family functioning;
  • Advocating for clients by accompanying them to appointments relevant to achieving stated objectives (e.g., FAPT, court hearings, school and outings as necessary);
  • Education and support to enhance the youth’s and family’s capacity to function independently, by assisting the family
    with locating and appropriately utilizing community resources and services.

Best Practices

HOPE Intensive In-home Services provide an assessment as requested within 48 hours of referral at no charge. Intensity and duration of services are determined by the assessment team and referring agency.

Discharge Planning begins with the onset of services. A service plan is developed within 30 days of the initial visit with the input of staff, family and referent. Monthly, quarterly and discharge reports are also provided to the referent.

HOPE Intensive In-Home Services seek to encourage self-sufficiency of the family, reduce the rate of out-of home placements, and assist in reunification of families. Intensive In-Home Services are designed to be brief with a focus on identifying and addressing main stressors within the youth and family system.

With the incorporation of the strengths based perspective, HOPE Intensive In-home Services use the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Model as a method that best supports interventions that are congruent with the Intensive In-Home design.

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