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Hargrove, Oliver and Parker Enterprises, Inc’s management team consists of James Hargrove, Vernon Oliver, LCSW and Dr. Dennis Parker.  James Hargrove has over 20 years experience in finding suitable living arrangements for many of Virginia’s very low-to moderate income population looking to acquire a housing or modest living provision.  He has trained over 1000 people in managing their finances and proper budgeting techniques, a tool of imminent importance to this population.  Dr. Vernon Oliver, LCSW has over twenty years in family counseling with specific emphasis on children with significant challenges including Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder and other maladaptive behavior components. Dr. Dennis Parker has extensive experience in mentoring youth, developing programs, and policy regarding the needs of low-income families with a specific emphasis on low-income children.   Additionally Mr. Parker has completed a Doctorate in Public Policy with a specific emphasis on young adults and the underground economy.  These gentlemen have fashioned a formidable team to address many issues and bring together many community resources to strengthen the support structure for this population
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James Hargrove

For over 20 years, I’ve worked with many of Virginia’s very low-to moderate income population looking to acquire a housing or modest living provision. I’ve has trained over 1000 people in homeownership, managing their finances and proper budgeting techniques, a tool of imminent importance to this population.

Although my achievements extend over my entire professional career, I would like to point out a few
accomplishments that are representative of the skills and abilities I offer:

  • H.O.P.E. Inc. – As Chief Financial Officer and Director of Human Resources, I’ve worked closely with various agencies and localities throughout the state to create transitional programs for individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues.In an effort to avert homelessness or a transfer to the judicial system, we developed program offer these individuals counseling, life skills training and job coaching in an effort to sustain independent living within the community.
  • NeighborWorks National Homeownership Advisory Committee Member – As one of the very first committee members, it was our primary goal to help NeighborWorks America meet its strategic plan and goals by helping to build and sustain a national network of homeownership centers. We obtained critical input from each centers management on best practices, internal and external partnership opportunities and
    insight into emerging housing market trends and issues. I represented all of the Mid-Atlantic area.
  • Virginia Foreclosure Prevention Task Force Member – Under the administration of Governor Tim Kaine, I was selected to the task force by Patrick Gottschalk, Secretary of Commerce and Trade. The intent of the task force was to protect and preserve home ownership for Virginia’s working families and communities in light of current foreclosure trends.
  • NeighborWorks Resource Group, Inc. – Prior to me joining the organization, it was primarily known for down payment assistance grants/loans and emergency repair grants. As a part of the strategic plan of the organization, it was my responsibility to develop in-house mortgage loan programs and products, as well as partner with various lenders, which included VHDA, SunTrust, Wachovia, Provident Bank and Neighborhood Housing Services of America. Overseeing compliance, a multi-million dollar mortgage loan portfolio, loan processing/origination, and the creation of loan procedures, also fell under my responsibilities.

Over the years, my hard work and dedication have afforded me the opportunity to have a significant impact on communities and lives throughout the state of Virginia. It is my desire to continue to have a positive impact on the lives of those individuals that do not always have the knowledge or experience in navigating this ever changing and challenging world.


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Vernon Oliver

Hello and greetings from Hargrove, Oliver and Parker Inc., doing business as HOPE.My name is Vernon Oliver; I am the Executive Director and CEO. HOPE has been operating for almost 20 years. Our vision is to provide quality, cutting edge mental health and other supportive services to people of all ages.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics from the University of  South Carolina. I have a Masters in Social Work from Hunter College in NYC. I have an Executive Juris Doctor from Purdue University with specialties in Health Law and Education. I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for almost 25 years. I am a member of Omega PSI Phi Fraternity Inc., National Black Social Workers, and I have been recognized by World Wide Leaders in Healthcare as the Top Social Worker in the Virginia Area 2018.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to play significant roles in developing multimillion dolllar companies; these companies have been significant players in the mental health field. In addition to HOPE, I am in Private Practice. Under the services of Vernon Oliver, LCSW, I train employees, develop staff development protocol, design programs and address Human Resource problems in the worker place. Many of my projects involve    improving staff moral, professional development and policy development, implementation and improving corrective action plans.

My future goals are to continue to help Hargrove Oliver and Parker become the epitome of mental health providers in the United States of America. I want to expand our services to significantly decrease the opioid crisis in Virginia. It has been my personal goal to continue my work with Young African American Fathers specifically and African American males in general. The goals are to mentor Young African American Fathers to decrease child abuse and foster care placement, to encourage them to respect life and relationships and most importantly decrease black on black crime and reckless disregard for the African American race.

I welcome you to our Organization and hope that you reach out to us with comments, interest of employment, and referrals of client or ideas you would like to share.


Vernon Oliver, E.JD, LCSW

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Dr. Dennis Parker

Dr. Dennis Parker is a motivational speaker, inspiring individuals, groups and organizations to improve themselves, their communities and the greater society. With a strong focus on strengthening families, Dr. Parker has empowered millions across the nation. Grounded in his Christian faith, Dr. Parker spreads the “good news” through personal and practical stories of hope and spiritual wisdom. Parents, leaders of civic and faith based organizations, and governmental policymakers learn innovative ways to actively respond to five critical issues crippling our nation’s families and communities:

  • Low educational expectations and attainment
  • High incarceration rates of men, women and youth
  • Juvenile delinquency and behavioral problems
  • Domestic violence: physical, sexual and emotional abuse
  • Mental health disorders

In his one of his several books, “Motivating Males to be Men,” Dr. Parker provides a guide for men to be better husbands and fathers by developing and maintaining an emotional connection while leading their family team, their significant other and their children. Dr. Parker presents current and relevant data on the five key threats to the family’s well-being and gives practical and sound advice on ways to combat these “root enemies.” Dr. Parker further provides examples of key initiatives and strategies used by civic and faith-based organizations to assist men and women in the struggle for family survival. Recognizing the national significance of these issues, Dr. Parker calls on state and federal law and policymakers to support and strengthen families. Since 2002 Dr. Parker has provided direct care mental health services to children and adults in Virginia. Concurrently, he helps to develop policies on the local, state, and federal government level that influence the lives of American families.

With over 20 years as an entrepreneur, business leader and mental health professional, Dr. Parker is firmly established as an important voice on critical, national and societal issues. He earned his doctoral degree in Public Administration and Public Policy from Virginia Commonwealth University.  The son of ministers, Dr. Parker infuses his inspirational messages with sound spiritual concepts and principals. He is also a husband and proud father to two children. By combining his academic background with professional and personal experience, Dr. Parker inspires, educates, motivates and encourages others to gain insight about challenges they face, prepare a thorough action plan for growth, and achieve transformative change.

Dr. Parker is the Chief Executive Officer for Carieton and Associates, a national Human Services and Human Capital Development organization. Concurrently, Dr. Parker has been the Chief Operating Officer and a partner of Hargrove, Oliver & Parker Enterprise (H.O.P.E.) a community based human services provider that offers independent living skills to youth aging out of foster care, mental health and social support services to children, adults and families across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Dennis Parker, Ph.D.