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Sober Living House Manager

Full Time
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Posted 1 year ago

Position Description Job Title: Sober Living House Manager

Reporting To: Program Director

Position Purpose: Primary responsibility of a Sober Living House Manager will be a live in position that
maintains an environment that is safe, comfortable and secure for our residents. Principal

1. Engage all residents in conversations and activities that are edifying and stimulating.

2. Assign household chores to residents.

3. Monitor clients’ rooms for cleanliness.

4. Ensure that clients have the items that they need (i.e., linen, hygiene products, clean clothes, etc.).

5. Ensure that all residents are properly respecting and maintaining common areas (esp., kitchen, living room, game room).

6. Monitor that residents are following house rules, including curfew/lights-out hours.

7. Observe and report any unusual behaviors or potential areas of conflict between residents.

8. Monitor the proper use and functioning of appliances and other household equipment. Observe any unusual activities that may pose a safety or nuisance issue for the clients or neighbors.

9. Maintain inventory of all household supplies (i.e., cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, furniture, household keys, etc).

10. Prepare bedrooms for all new residents entering into Homes (i.e., clean linens, dresser drawers, bedroom cleanliness, etc).

11. Review Program and House Rules with all new residents and ensure client compliance with house rules.

12. Facilitate House Meetings, Community Meetings, and a weekend Wrap Up or Life Skills Groups

13. Welcome and introduce new clients to all existing residents.

14. Assist in monitoring the property to protect it from damage and/or theft and routine maintenance.

15. Communicate in a culturally sensitive manner, as our client population is diverse.

16. Perform other duties as assigned.


1. High School Diploma or GED

2. Must be 2 years clean and sober

3. A working knowledge of addiction, mental illness, and homeless

4. Good verbal and written communication skills

5. Experience with sober living housing programs 1

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